Make a difference in the life of women and children like Emily, Lucy and Adriana today!

Help build a new Dream Center for 75+ women and children waiting for a safe home.

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$77,591 towards $1,200,000

We are fundraising to build a new Dream Center where we can bring women and children out of poverty and into faith and success!

Thirteen Years of Lovingly Equipping Women to Succeed/Transforming Generations

The Dream Center of Jackson is transforming lives through the love of Jesus Christ. If you were to walk into the old Regional Hospital building on Old Hickory at any time in the past several years, you would no doubt have to step over smiling and laughing children playing with dolls or matchbox cars in the hallways. If you ventured in a little further you might meet Gail Gustafson, the emotionally magnetic director of the facility, taking a break from teaching a class on the Bible, nutritional cooking, family budgeting, or computer competency. Gail would have been eager to introduce you to a "success story." A Dream Center success story is a strong and educated Christian woman that has learned through the organization's programs the skills and abilities necessary to escape dependency and abuse and provide for herself and her family. And there have been many success stories for this small local charity that operates exclusively on private donations.

Urgent Need to Expand the Ministry

For the past thirteen years, the Dream Center has loved our community by providing a multifunctional facility that offers residential / emergency / transformational ministry for women and women with children who are rendered homeless and without hope by life-controlling problems. The center has always housed, fed, and clothed 60 to 65 women and children at any one time, and there has always been a waiting list. As of late, however, the waiting list has grown because the Dream Center has had to pare down its enrollment after losing its current location. The former facility's owners have been unbelievably gracious and giving for thirteen years, and their generosity persists, but circumstances have presented the need for the Dream Center to expand their ministry in a new facility.

Building A New Dream Center Through Support, Protection and Love of Our Community

The women and children of the Dream Center need a new residence, and the ministry is ready to expand its reach to positively impact more lives in our community. Members of the community who knew about the needs of the organization are already faithfully and enthusiastically coming forward providing financial gifts and support for the new facility. But, now the Dream Center wants everyone to know that the organization needs a wall of support, protection, and love, and that they are praying many more people will accept the call to sacrificially give to a worthy cause. In Nehemiah, the city walls were rebuilt by the prayerful and selfless contributions of the entire community. The Dream Center is looking for those willing to courageously step forward to work on their portion of the wall and help "Build Dreams" where there was once ruins. Our community is so blessed, and we are blessed to have the opportunity to get involved in a local cause that we can enjoy watching grow and succeed. Gail, her board of directors, small staff, and a host of Dream Center success stories know that a Christmas miracle is set to take place!